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The Meditation Mastery & The Enlightened Warrior is your source for unique Martial Arts and Meditation Products. Here you will find products for both the internal and external sides of the arts. Whether your interests lie in self protection, traditional martial arts, chi kung, or meditation we have products for the warrior within you.

Martial Arts


Hoshinroshiryu Jutaijutsu belt level DVDs are available for Earth (Red), Water (Orange), Fire (Yellow) and Wind (Green) Belt Levels. Each DVD comes with all the material needed for each belt ranking.

These DVD are professionally filmed and edited featuring Dr. Glenn Morris.



Hoshinjutsu and the Godai

This Hoshin introductory DVD will give you a sneak peek into the Hoshinjutsu martial art, and a Japanese concept known as the Godai, or the Five Elements. Total play time is approximately 10 minutes.




HoshinTao Chi Kung Distance Learning Program

This is a seven level program with a built in mentoring. This program will assist you in increasing your chi through meditations, stretching and breathing techniques. The Level 1 and 2 programs have DVD available in addition to the pdf files.



Meditation Mastery 8 CD Set

Dr. Glenn Morris' complete 8 CD collection of meditations and exercises includes basic to advanced techniques. This may be the only meditation series you will ever need. Also available as individual sets.


Advanced Bone Breathing Meditation CD

This ancient Taoist meditation will help to increase your chi, and strenthen your body. This CD also contains six timed meditations.


Resonance Chakra Meditation Music CD Set

This meditation music creates a unique resonating feeling in the targeted chakra. Five CDs cover each chakra (earth, water, fire, wind and void) and includes a compilation CD which covers all the chakras. Also available as individual CDs.